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First of all it should be noted that I have performed the Instructor and faculty roles (classroom & online) in both corporate, higher education, and secodary education in teaching instructional design and technology. I have also developed and offering perfessional development seminars for faculty and trainers. I have incoprated several nationally recogized quality models (Quality Matters, Cal State CDP, and Sloan Consortium). From experience, I know what faculty and trainers need to be successful delivering leraner centered and engaging subject matter.

Addionally I have created and manged several Centers for Faculty/Trainers/Staff professional development. These centers focused on providing foundations and experience in instructional design, teaching with technology, and developing elearning and distance learning programs. The following links are sample of my work for these study areas. Some of my related work also appears in the "Instructional Design" section of this portfolio website.
(ALL links are PDF files).

Development/Support Sample 1 - eLearning/Distance Learning Production and Design Strategy Presentation

Development/Support Sample 2 - Design Strategy

Development/Support Sample 3 - Design Strategy 2

Development/Support Sample 4 - Design Strategy/Sloan C

Development/Support Sample 5 - Quality Matters Rubric

Development/Support Sample 6 - Quality Matters Plan

Development/Support Sample 7 - Quality Matters Examples

Development/Support Sample 8 - Cal State CDP Rubric

Development/Support Sample 9 - Cal State CDP Plan

Development/Support Sample 10 - LMS