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I have developed websites for higher education colleges (demo 1) campuses and for US Army (demo 2). My work at Brevard Community College in Florida was for a (4) multi-campus institution. I implemented new Linux servers. As Webmaster I managed a team (and hands-on) for designing and maintaining all departmental sites. Additionally, as project manager, I consulted with Brainbridge College in Georgia to upgrade their website by implementation of WCMS for the institution.

For the Army I developed a website to server as a departmental online education portal to many resources for the Cyber/ Telecommunications Engineering college. The following links (on my web server) are representation of my work at the time. I used HTML, CSS, Javascript, and both ASP.Net and PHP server technologies.

Website Sample 1 - Complete College Credit Online Course

Website Sample 2 - US Army Telecom Course Site

Website Sample 3 - Web Design Document - Project Management